On my way up to Maine to teach my annual workshops I dropped off some artwork that I sold to Bruce Brown, one of the kindest and most interesting people I have had the pleasure of working with (who has a killer collection of artwork).  Much to our amusement, we seem to also have similar taste in sneakers.  So, that could only lead me to the conclusion that if I want to sell more work, I need to be on the lookout for red shoes.

2013 SPE National Conference, Chicago!

Well, yet another SPE conference has came and went.  It is always a little bit sad when it’s over, but it was a good one and I’m glad to have such a great community to attach myself to.  As always, at least we have our dance party photobooth pics to remember the occasion.

Down time with the Rolleiflex – part 2

I have been in the process of casually photographing my friends during our quiet times together using my old Rolleiflex.  For me, it has become a means of relaxation to embrace the slowed-down act of photographing with medium format film and eventually processing when a spare moment becomes available.  I let go of the immediacy that I am usually so attached to and reflect on our moments together sometime after we have left one-another’s company.  As I work on the photographs, I realize how much I care for my friends and how many complex emotions an image can still evoke …

Down time with the Rolleiflex

I managed to take advantage of some down-time a few months ago with my old Rolleiflex.  Any monochromatic film work I have done within the last few years has been for very specific purposes, like Mordancage, so it was nice to relax for a moment and enjoy the process of photographing without a plan.  I just got around to scanning a few of the images and thought it would be fun to share some of them.

Larson & Shindelman @ the Touchstone Museum

Nate Larson & Marni Shindelman ( came and visited Louisiana Tech as our visiting artists this week.  It was amazing having them here to share some good laughs and see some unique Southern places. They are still here as I write this, but I already miss them. We just got back from the Touchstone Museum… one of the most amazing places I can think of, just look at how excited Nate is!