Wormhole at the Griffin

I was so pleased that I had a chance to visit the Griffin Museum of Photography and catch the juried exhibition, as well as meet with the always amazing Paula Tognarelli.  Here are some installation photographs of my wormhole in its debut.

Griffin Museum Exhibition

I’m honored to have my work chosen to be exhibited in the upcoming Peter Urban Legacy 20th Annual Juried Exhibition at the wonderful Griffin Museum of Photography, home of the always amazing, Paula Tognarelli.  It’s not a suprise that the visionary Aline Smithson (Lenscratch) selected such a humbling list of artists, I’m just so grateful to be included. I’m especially excited because this will be the first time that I’m exhibiting this corner-mounted wormhole image.  It is so trippy when its up on the wall, so I can’t wait to observe and hear about the viewer’s reactions. Check it out if …

Center Forward Exhibition

I’m pleased to have been selected by Hamidah Glasgow to exhibit my work at the wonderful Center for Fine Art Photography this summer.  I wish I could pack myself in the box with the artwork and hang out in Colorado for a little while!     —

Hyperallergic Review!

The exhibition that I am currently a part of at Fridman Gallery in NYC was recently reviewed by Stephen Knudsen at Hyperallergic.  I am very pleased about what he had to say about the show, as well as what he had to say about my own work.  Here is a snippet: The work, to my way of thinking, is emblematic of the exciting convergence of knowing and not knowing. It speaks to the sublime experience as the backdrop that pushes against our empiricism and all the human conditions of understanding. Check out the article!  http://hyperallergic.com/99753/art-as-a-portal-to-infinite-otherness/  

Fridman Gallery Exhibition, NYC

I’m very excited to be included in an exhibition in New York City at the Fridman Gallery.  It is called THE WORLD AND ITS THINGS IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR INTIMACY and is curated by the brilliant Sarah Walko. The show runs from November 15 – December 27 2013 with an opening reception on November 15, 6-9pm. Here is a snippet from the catalog, and some images. This group exhibition of video, photography and sculpture, featuring works by Ira Eduardovna, Jay Gould, Dana Levy, Robert Lobe and Lucia Papco, aims to blur boundaries of concrete worlds, piecing together multiple realities and offering nature and memory as portals into …

MENTOR: 40 Photographers / 40 Years

I am so deeply honored to be invited to participate in the MENTOR: 40 Photographers / 40 Years exhibition at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art this summer.  To be one of 40 people selected from the Maine Media Workshops incredible history fills my heart with pride and joy.  Thanks for Brenton Hamilton and Bruce Brown, I’ll get to be surrounded by the work of some of my dearest friends, as well as greatest heros.  Plus, I can actually attend the reception!  If you are up in Maine at the end of the summer, check it out!  I’ll post up …

Spinning Yarns at Photo Center NW

There’s just a few days left to see the Spinning Yarns exhibition at Photo Center NW in Seattle!  They did an amazing job installing the show and I hope you will let me know if you see it.      

Louisiana Purchase Exhibition

I’m so pleased to be showing a photograph (Laura and Donkey, seen above) at the second annual Louisiana Purchase Exhibition, juried by Dr. Paul Manoguerra.  The brainchild of the amazing Jes Schrom, my former colleague, this show has special importance because I installed the original exhibition two years ago.  It is a nice little full-circle homecoming.  Thanks Jes for the hard work and to Joey and the Grads for the installation… I know it is a tough job!

Photographing the Landscape – Exhibition at UALR

I’m proud to be included in an exhibition alongside Frank Hamrick, Luther Smith and Chad Smith at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock.  Each of us has such different perspectives on photographing landscapes, from traditional to analytical to downright playful!  Thanks Brad Cushman for making this happen!  

Bry Gallery Exhibition – Jan. 17 – Mar. 1 2012

I just got done hanging an exhibition of brand new work at the Bry Gallery in Monroe, Louisiana.  The images are a part of a new series that focuses on investigations on the subject of time and how we experience, record and imagine it.  I’m really happy with the photographs, many of which are the largest finished works I have ever put on display. The work is on display with Jes Schrom’s amazing piece Reconstructive Memory, a work I have been wanting to see in person since I met her years ago.  The show will be up from January 17 …