Bry Gallery Exhibition – Jan. 17 – Mar. 1 2012

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Bry Gallery Exhibition – Jan. 17 – Mar. 1 2012

I just got done hanging an exhibition of brand new work at the Bry Gallery in Monroe, Louisiana.  The images are a part of a new series that focuses on investigations on the subject of time and how we experience, record and imagine it.  I’m really happy with the photographs, many of which are the largest finished works I have ever put on display.

The work is on display with Jes Schrom’s amazing piece Reconstructive Memory, a work I have been wanting to see in person since I met her years ago.  The show will be up from January 17 until March 1, but we will be having a closing reception on Wednesday, February 29.  I would love to see you there!  Below are some of the images from the show.

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