Nerding up the Olympics

There are certain things about this years summer Olympics that I really enjoy (amongst many that I don't).  I like the evocative names that the venues have, like "Watercube" and "Bird's Nest."  They are so much better than the Georgia Tech Aquatic center (in Atlanta) or something similarly boring and generically clear.  "Watercube" seems like a place that could host some modern, cinematically influenced gladiator games later on without even changing the signs.  I have also enjoyed some of the usual Olympic's cross-cultural language divide stories, such as this cafe named "Translate Server Error."

However, what i have enjoyed most happened last night, and yet again emphasized my nerdy contrast to the athletes (that a chart raised my adrenaline far more than a tight race)This amazing interactive chart is displayed on the New York Times website and is one of the most beautiful and elegant representations of Olympic glory.  As many of you know, I am totally enamored by information design, and I wish I could make something this nice.  Go check it out!

nytimes map

I originally found this map at one of my new favorite blogs, Strange Maps .  I highly recommend giving it a look.

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